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    Sportsmind Mental Mastery

    Tue 3rd - Thu 5th November, Two-and-a-half days of advanced NLP, visualisation, and goal achievement techniques for peak performance.

    Sportsmind Mental Mastery

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    Sports Hypnosis Workshop

    Tue 3rd - Thu 5th November, Two-and-a-half days of advanced NLP, visualisation, and goal achievement techniques for peak performance.

    Sports Hypnosis Workshop

    See Workshop Diary for Dates

    30 YEARS


    Everything Sportsmind offers is guaranteed to improve your game.

    Jeffrey Hodges wrote Sportsmind book back in 1993, but has developed dozens of other books and multimedia resources since then. Our one on one coachings remain our main offering. Our mental mastery workshops and Altered State Trainings feature a dozen or so participants in a 3 day retreat. Now with Coach Mind- specialist training for coaches, and Sales mind- specialist sales performance coaching, there’s an opportunity to improve your work and your play.


    Isn’t it time you improved your game? How long have you been playing or competing?  THIS YEAR should be your best year and with our help you’re sure to get there!


    We already coach one on one with elite athletes in other countries. Skype makes it easy to have daily or weekly sessions and so distance is no obstacle to us training and coaching you.

    Sportsmind client, Lydia Lassila, wins Bronze in Sochi Winter Olympics.

    Lydia’s Inspiring Example

    Those who watched Lydia Lassila’s attempt to win back to back gold medals in Sochi, might be tempted to think she ‘failed’ by ‘only’ taking the bronze medal in the Aerials final.

    I’ve had the great privilege of working with Lydia in her preparations for two Olympics and, Lydia, while you didn’t get your second gold medal, what you did was much more significant …… you showed us how a true champion competes, and you reminded the world how AUSTRALIAN athletes, whatever sport they compete in, compete not just to win, but to reach for goals that haven’t yet been achieved.

    After the first two jumps of the final Lydia was comfortably ahead on points. With one last jump to decide the medals, Lydia could have ‘played it safe’, chosen to do an easier trick, landed it and been pretty well assured of the gold medal. Instead Lydia attempted something special, a trick no other woman aerialist has done before – a difficult quad-twisting triple somersault, which she has been working on for 15 years and landed for the first time just two days earlier, being the first woman ever to do so.

    She missed her landing, and the rest is history. Some might believe it was foolish to risk the chance of gold for something more intangible – that of doing something no-one else has ever done, but I think there is a powerful lesson here for us all from Lydia’s example.

    Do you ‘play it safe’ when you are ahead? Do you let fear of failure guide your actions and determine who you become … or do you strive to continually raise the bar for yourself – knowing you might fail, you might get hurt, you might even die? This is what true courage is about, and this is what Lydia’s inspiring example shows us.

    Don’t avoid something just because it’s difficult, or has never been done before. Don’t accept the ‘safe’ option because you might ‘fail’. Don’t be satisfied with just a ‘good enough’ performance. Face down fear of failure by looking it straight in the eye and continue to stretch yourself and extend your comfort zone.

    It is this attitude that makes me proud to be an Australian, and why our athletes punch way above their weight, whatever sport they compete in! Lydia, we’re proud of you, and we’re proud of all our other Aussie Olympians who have put in so much of their heart and spirit into representing this country.


    Jeffrey Hodges, Mental Coach to Lydia Lassila, Olympic Gold medallist (2010) and Bronze medallist (2014) Women’s Aerials.

    Learn Lydia’s Success Techniques
    Two of the mental skills which I taught Lydia are visualisation and emotion management – staying in the performance zone.

    Both these essential skills are covered in our annual Sportsmind Mental Mastery program at the Sports Super Centre in January.”

    Jeffrey Hodges, Director, Sportsmind Institute

    Here is what Lydia says about Sportsmind:

    “Jeffrey, your Sportsmind training program takes mental training to a level that I didn’t know existed. My expectations were to learn mental skills that would help me perform better. Not only have I achieved this, but I now know myself at a different level. I have analyzed all the aspects that make up me: my thoughts, emotions, beliefs and values. I have learned to take control over them, empowering me to shape my own future. Many thanks”

    “I practice a skill over and over even if I am afraid of it. Soon enough, the fear starts to fade and is replaced by certainty and confidence. It takes courage and discipline to want to be better than I am today. It takes careful planning, trust in my decisions and plain hard work. I will always challenge myself a step further than my competitors. This is what it takes.”

    Lydia Lassila, Olympic Gold and Bronze medalist, Aerial Skiing…. and long term Sportsmind client!!

    Call me now to book your place and empower yourself to shape your future sporting successes!

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    (07) 5445 7994.

    Olivia Wright

    wins Silver in FINA 2009 Grand Prix.

    Olivia Wright - front twist

    “As someone who has competed at an elite level for over ten years, I have learnt many skills physically and mentally which work to optimise performance. However I think it has only been in the last few years of my career in the sport of Springboard Diving that I have truly began to understand and utilise mental training techniques for training and competition. It has become undeniably clear to me that no matter how hard you prepare yourself physically, if you don’t understand and invest in mental training your full potential will remain unlocked.

    Jeffrey Hodges and his Sportsmind program taught me invaluable skills in mental training. I also attended the Coaching Excellence Conference last year which was both educational and inspiring. Jeffrey breaks down his theories and techniques into such easily understandable and undeniable clarity that I found I came out the other side of the two day conference with a complete positive change of headspace, which I have managed to bring to my training and competitions this year.

    I recently competed in the FINA Diving Grand Prix in Spain and won a silver medal – my most significant result to date. Earlier this year I also achieved a personal best score at the Australian Open Championships. I honestly believe that without the focus I have put on mental training through the Sportsmind program and the concepts I gained from the Coaching Excellence Conference I would not have improved my diving anywhere near as much, and I would not have achieved my most exciting results.

    Any athlete or coach who is serious about excelling in their sport, must invest in mental training. As the standard of all sports internationally progresses an open mind in essential in finding new ways to improve. Mental training is the key, and one that is too often underestimated. The Sportsmind program and the Coaching Excellence Conferences are revolutionary in mental training and will, without question, significantly improve performance in any sport.”

    Olivia Wright, Diving, Qld. FINA 2009 Grand Prix silver medalist. 

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    Some Feedbacks

    What Clients Like About Sportsmind & Jeffrey Hodges